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What is the difficulty of writing an essay? The author must not only understand the particular topic and be well-versed in it, but also have his own point of view on the proposed problem, and most importantly, be able to explain it. Need to own a beautiful literary language and intelligently argue their position.

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Career essay example

"My future career"

About my future profession, I began to reflect early enough, because sometimes I like to look into the future, to dream a little, something to plan.

In my family there are a lot of enthusiastic people who love their work: my mother, brother, grandmother and grandfather, my uncle's family, but at the same time, I have often observed that, among their friends, there are people who are unhappy with their work, and sometimes suffer from it. So I want to choose a profession with which, like my family, I would be pleased and will receive from it only pleasure. I do not want to happen a fatal error; I do not want to have prevailed over fear that the years are spent for activity that causes the rejection, live in vain.

In my opinion, a person should do in such a professional business, to which he has the ability and which is willing to dedicate his life. Since I can remember, I have always loved to draw, and now I'm trying to raise my passion to a higher professional level. In parallel with this I study history of art, I really like the world's history, and of course, the history of my country. Based on my interests, I came to the conclusion that I should follow the directions of art history, but within the profession I want more than anything to work with children.

Communicating with kids gives me great joy. I believe that kids need from a very early age to inculcate a love of high art, to develop creativity and artistic taste. I would like to help them find their place in life, that they then do not feel lost and useless, so in the future I see myself as a teacher, or rather the teacher of fine arts. This is very demanding job, as young children take an example from adults, try to imitate them.

When I was a little girl, for me, the teacher was very influential man, I am grateful to my teachers, my contribution to the formation and development as a person, in many ways they have helped me to choose my path in life. The teacher influences on the moral and aesthetic education of the child. I want to become a true professional teacher and will do my best for it.

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